Where I Grab My Morning Coffee in Kenosha

Coffee flows freely in Kenosha. We're neatly tucked between Milwaukee and Chicago, so our local shops have a lot of roasters to choose from. Here's a breakdown of where I stop on my morning commute.

1. The Daily Dose

The Daily Dose is a tiny breakfast and lunch joint in the middle of town. They specialize in paninis and soup. They also brew up the best cup of Colectivo in town.

What to eat: Awesome Beef sandwich or Bisculicious.

2. The Buzz

The Buzz recently opened in Kenosha, bringing with them a new (to Kenosha) coffee roaster—Metropolis: a self-proclaimed "small batch artisanal coffee roaster" hailing from Chicago. Their coffee fits right in with most Third Wave coffee roasters—pretty acidic and floral. The Buzz also boasts a handful of fancy flavored lattes if pretentious coffee isn't your thing.

What to eat: there's always a new tasty dessert to choose from. Can't go wrong there (Mini apple pies!)

3. Linnea

Linnea brings a groovy dose of IKEA to Kenosha. They're a Scandinavian themed bakery and cafe. The highlight of their offerings is a special cardamom roast made specifically for them by Stone Creek Coffee (Milwaukee).  Sadly, they aren't open yet when I drive to work so my visits are limited to Saturdays after the farmer's market.

What to eat: delicious baked goods that I can't pronounce.

4. Mike's Donuts and Chicken

The name says it all. They brew Just Coffee Co-op and will do Intelligentsia pour overs by request. I avoid the Intelligentsia (not sure how long it takes for those opened bags to get used) but the Just coffee is solid. They also have a few varieties brewing every day which is nice.

What to eat: Honey Butter Chicken biscuit for breakfast, Original Fried Chicken Sandwhich for lunch.

5. Starbucks

What? Starbucks? I know there isn't anything special about Starbucks but for being a small town of 100k people, Kenosha still manages to keep 3 Starbucks locations (all on the same stretch of road) busy.

What to eat: who cares, it's Starbucks. Go grab a Jimmy Johns sandwich or something.